There is a fine line between rocking sexy long locks and looking like a caveman. Long hair can look great on many men, but it has to be grown out right, styled correctly and maintained once you’ve got the length. So if you’re thinking of growing your hair out, it’s not as simple as just skipping a few trips to the barb

er. But, don’t let this dissuade you from going long, we have put together a few tips to help you grow your hair out. 

1. Decide Whether or Not Long Hair is Really for You

As we said, there is a fine line between looking like a glam rock god, or a wash-up roadie, and long hair is often the deciding factor. So before you start the lengthy process of growing out your hair, make sure that long hair is actually for you. Do some research into whether or not the long hair will suit your face shape. This might sound silly, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t usually put much thought into their hair, but you’ll want to be sure before you start growing your hair out. Also, don’t be afraid to cut it off again if, at any point, you decide you don’t like your long locks.

2. Find the Ideal Long Hairstyle for Your Face

How your hairstyle matches your face shape can dramatically change your appearance, for the better or worse. So it is very important to get a style which compliments your features. If you have big features go for a textured style with some choppy layers. Keep your hair shoulder length; this will soften your face whereas hair that is too long will only draw more attention to your already accentuated features. In turn, if your face is thinner and your features more delicate, go for a longer, more sleek style, think Jared Leto. A long straight style will help draw focus to your eyes and bone structure by following the natural lines of your face.

3. Alter Your Style as Your Hair Grows Out

Remember, you will have to suffer through months of awkward lengths while your hair grows out into a glorious mane. While this tedious stage cannot be avoided, it can be managed in a few ways. Make sure you’re caring for your hair with good products and regular trims, but also, alter your style. From top knots to low man buns, slicked back and straight or textured and touselled, you will need to be well versed in what styles work with which lengths. Perpetually changing your hairstyle with your ever-changing length will give your mane the best chance at growing out healthily, and with class.

4. Keep Your Hair Healthy and Get Regular Trims

If like many men, your hair care routine is seriously lacking, its time to get it together. Because looking after your locks is one of the most important parts of growing your hair out. You don’t need to do anything too fancy or drop big bucks on expensive products. You just need to give your mane a little more love. This does not mean you have to start washing your hair every day. In fact over shampooed hair is often dry and weak, long hair needs to be strong. So, focus on conditioning daily, but keep shampooing down to two or three times a week. Get trims every two to three months to avoid split ends, and use the right hair products.

5. Have Patience

You won’t get the flowing locks you want overnight. In fact, it could take well over a year before you’re even close to it. But, it is well worth the wait. Have patience and put in the work. In fact, the better you take care of your hair, the quicker the process will go. Unfortunately, you just have to push through all the awkward and annoying stages in between. It’s not all bad, you will find a little relief when your hair gets to man bun length. Ask any women, there is nothing better than throwing your mane in a topknot and taking on the day. So bare with it, you will get there in time.


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