Hair Care Tips for Men Proven to Give Positive Results

Being a man doesn’t mean that you can go easy on your hair. There is no doubt that having a short hair is much easier to maintain than a women’s long hair, but still, it does require maintenance. Without proper care for your hair, you might face premature ageing, problems related to dandruff and also baldness problems at a young age. Most men today face these problems because of the lack of proper hair care. It is the time that you take things seriously about your hair by following our exclusive hair care tips for men.

These hair care tips for men have a history of solid results and following these slight hair care modifications will make your hair silky and smooth. Make sure that you incorporate these tips in your daily schedule and it can help you overcome pre mature greying and baldness issues as well. Without further ado, let’s get you started!

1. Never Over Wash Your Hair

This is one of the most frequent mistakes that we encounter a lot of men doing. If you’ve got dry hair, it is best to avoid washing it too often. Washing your hair twice a week would suffice and make sure that you are using a conditioner.

2. Hair Should be Dried Gently

Keep your hair intact and always dry it gently. Pat your hair and keep it intact. Wet hair is usually delicate and rubbing the hair violently can damage it. Always keep this in mind the next time when you dry your hair.

3. Avoid Comb Overs

Comb overs are usually done by men to avoid looking bald or minimising the look of baldness. Avoiding comb overs as they can increase baldness or make your hair thinner. The best thing to do would be is to get a haircut that matches your thin hair. Again at all costs, never do comb overs.

4. Egg Conditioners are Good

Eggs are used by a lot of women for a reason. There are a lot of benefits of eggs as conditioners which men can also reap. Nourish and shine your hair with eggs and wash it off after a while with the help of a good shampoo..

5. Protect Your Hair When You Go Swimming

Chlorine is bad for your hair and it can cause lots of hair damage. Guess what? Swimming pools contain lots of chlorine in them and this can make your hair vulnerable if you don’t have any protection. Make sure that you wet your hair and put on some conditioner before entering the swimming pool. Even better, make sure that you wear a swim cap which will help your hair stay away from the deadly chlorine.

6. Reduce the Number of Hair Products

You are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing hair products these days. There are hair conditioners, gels, hair cream, shampoos and much more and you probably end up using most of them to better your hair. But, this is not doing any good. Cut down on the number of daily hair products that you use as too many hair care products will make your hair look weighed down and lose the natural look over time.

7. Never Shampoo Twice

Shampooing once is sufficient enough for your hair irrespective of it being dry or thick. You don’t have to shampoo twice as it isn’t going to be effective and is simply a waste of shampoo.

8. Avoid Heat

Make sure that you don’t use a hair dryer frequently. You don’t have much hair like a woman and a dryer isn’t a necessity. Heat and hair dryers can cause your hair to become frizzy and it is best to be avoided.

9. Trim Your Hair & Apply Oil

Keeping your hair short and sweet is the best way to maintain it. Get a haircut every 4-6 weeks and this will help to get the dirt and other unwanted stuff off your hair. Make sure you apply either coconut oil or almond oil. You wouldn’t go wrong with either of them or get to know which oil is the best for you hair.


Taking care of your hair problems might seem to be rocket science when you start, but following our hair care tips for men regularly would make it simple for maintaining your hair. A systematic hair care approach is important in making sure that you have healthy hair.

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